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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

Did you know 1 in 10 people around us are either suffering from dyslexia or similar learning disability? Even though we have heard about dyslexia many times, but are really unaware what dyslexia is all about. As part of the MAHARASHTRA DYSLEXIA ASSOCIATION, we have been committed towards raising awareness to facilitate early identification and remediation for students. our training programme for professionals aims to develop skills among teachers and special educators so that they are equipped to address the specific needs of students with Learning Disabilities in a traditional classroom setup. This organisation has been giving wings to such needy people since past 20 years and excelled in giving them the help thein giving them the help the need. Given the need of the hour, we are working on extending our services and support system for students through online channels. To enable this, our key objective this year is to develop end-to-end online solutions starting from hardware, software, digital payment, and processing as well as facilitating digital communication management. In the upcoming Tata Mumbai Marathon 2021, we look forward to your support and hope you will champion our cause by contributing valuable funds. The funds raised go into subsidising the services at our centres for children from economically weaker sections and enabling digital solutions to be able to cater to students nationwide. lastly I on behalf of my entire organisation ask for your valuable support.
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Hi, my name is Ruturaj Hulji , A MBA student of ITM business school Navi Mumbai Kharghar. being a part of MDA (Maharashtra dyslexia association, Mumbai) I feel immensely proud to be a part of this big cause. Ever since a young age I have been part of many socially active help groups committed to help the society in need. I always believe in giving back to the society more than what we get which is why i have been really motivated to help people around me in however way i can.
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11th January 2021
My Fundraising Goal
` 200 of ` 20000


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The MDA is unique in its focus on providing end to end solutions to ensure that students with Dyslexia can remain in the mainstream education system and realize their potential.
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