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NGO's like Maharashtra Dyslexia Association work for a humanitarian cause by trying to help those who are at the potential risk of being lost in the world. As an individual I believe that we should contribute to the evolution of society in any way we can. While it may be easy for us to judge someone on their deficiencies in basic skills like reading writing and grasping, it is not a level field for them compared to us. How many times have you tried hard and but no matter what you do you were under appreciated or even de motivated by peers or superiors. Imagine facing this for your childhood or potentially entire life, what sort of a scar it would leave? Dyslexic people if not identified in the beginning are termed as lazy or naughty or failures leaving a scar for the whole life.Fortunately organization like MDA support these kids by identifying them and raising them to excel in their fields. It also works towards raising awareness among parents training teachers in schools and most importantly work with government so that special provisions can be given to these kids. MDA is 20 year old organization which is the only one working solely towards learning disability .Given the need of the hour services have to be extended through online channel which require laptops, professional software good internet facility so that their work doesn't stop and it can benefit maximum people. I Anamika Raha working as a part of this NGO pledge to raise INR 20,000 for this cause as my project
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The MDA is unique in its focus on providing end to end solutions to ensure that students with Dyslexia can remain in the mainstream education system and realize their potential.
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