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Rubaroo has been working with children and adult stakeholders to create awareness on the issue of child sexual abuse and addressing it through personal safety education. Rubaroo’s team of qualified psychologists and counsellors administer Rubaroo’s programmes and are eminently suited to working with children in distress and providing them with counselling and healing services.
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My name is Mansi and I love reading and dancing. I am supporting the NGO "Rubaroo" which is working towards the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Due to the pandemic, the threat of child sexual abuse has increased manifold leading to an unsafe space for the child. Hence, I want to raise awareness about the issue which is still taboo in our country.
My Fundraising Goal
` 2000 of ` 20000


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Rubaroo Breaking Silences Foundation
Our objective is to empower children by creating awareness and imparting knowledge to deal with unsafe situations in order to prevent occurrences of Child Sexual Abuse, along with promoting gender sensitivity among children and age-appropriate sexuality and reproductive health education with a vision, "A Child Sexual Abuse free society for happier and safer children".
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