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We support Toybank as is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to educating and empowering underprivileged at-risk children through early childhood development programs ensures that they have the right stimulation and nurturing for a better perspective towards life in their adulthood. They do this by providing mental well-being and social and emotional development through a mindful approach to play and education. During these difficult times due to COVID-19, 20 million children are facing issues . School shutdown has put a pause on their learning while lockdown has snatched their access to Play and safe spaces. In a recent study on the impact of the lockdown, 37% of parents in India have reported that their children's mental well-being and happiness have suffered, so clearly it is a global issue of great importance, and we believe it is necessary for people to recognize the problems these children are going through, and the amount Toybank helps them.

About Me

We are students of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, studying in the 11th grade IBDP. We believe that the mental health of children is a prominent but undetected issue that runs through today's society, and Toybank does its best to bring light to the issue and resolve it at a young age. Hence we are trying to support Toybank and help it reach as many children at risk of mental health issues, by raising money.

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Hemang Agrawal
25th April 2021

Good work

Hitesh Shah
13th April 2021

All the very best!!!

Nirmal Juthani
5th March 2021

Keep it up your good work

Deven Juthani
16th January 2021

Ensure sincere utilisation of my donation

Vivaan Jhaveri
10th January 2021

All the best!

Raising Money For:
The Opentree Foundation (Toybank)
'It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.' Toybank envisions a world where children are empowered through healthy play. It provides secure & happy childhoods for children who are at risk, so they are empowered to experience an equitable adulthood.
Supported By:
Hemang Agrawal
Hitesh Shah
Nirmal Juthani
Deepa Juthani
Deven Juthani
Vivaan Jhaveri

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The Opentree Foundation (Toybank)

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