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Shrimad Rajchandra Love is an initiative of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur to offer service and bring joy to the lives of the underserved sections of society. The projects act as a powerful catalyst for transformation in peoples' lives, thus ensuring their overall well-being, and catering to their physiological, psychological and socio-economic needs. Following are some of the initiatives that were undertaken: 1. Support a Front liner 2. Monthly ration to a daily wager 3. Supplies and Equipment 4. Feeding Animals 5. Now, SRLC has initiated the Food for Travelling Migrants Programme providing cooked food, dry snacks, water, masks & hand sanitizers for those travelling by buses. My grandfather contributes and promotes the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists(MFPA) so he inspired me to take part in this fundraiser. Furthermore, I have always wanted to help the women of India but never got the opportunity to. A change in society cannot be brought overnight, it takes a lot of effort and time. I believe that if someone takes even a small initiative to create a change it will lay the foundation to bigger changes. So by taking part in this fundraiser it is just a small step towards a big change.
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Hi! I'm Simran Andrade and I'm currently studying at NMIMS. I truly believe SRLC are doing some great work, and I would be grateful for your donation however big or small.
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