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Light Of Life Trust (LOLT) has been reaching the underprivileged communities of rural India right from providing Education to working for livelihood, health & building community developing components which is directly helping these communities break their generational poverty cycles. Since 2005 LOLT has transformed more than 2.4 lakhs of lives while reached 790 rural villages. There are millions of lives screaming their hearts out for help & LOLT is consistently preparing its ways to reach the each life. This is the only reason I work for this precious Org. LOLT. Sincerely seeking your participation to heal the families undergoing vulnerable times.
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We the Humans of this planet Earth are the only single source of survival of our own lives. I believe human chain is the finest creation by the nature, because we are the most strongest when together at the same time we are helpless if not. With this beliefs & hope in my heart to help bring lights to the lives of underprivileged, I started working in an education & social sector. Working with rural secondary students to sustain them in mainstream of education & help them break their generational poverty cycle. I request you to come forward to be the part of this process of building the nation & creating this place better than before.
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20th October 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 500 of ` 50000


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Light of Life Trust
Light of Life Trust is an NGO registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, works towards realising untapped potential of India's rural communities and empower them through its 2 verticals - Project Anando (Education) and Project Jagruti (Community Development).
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