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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

You can be a part of this ripple of happiness by contributing from your end towards the cause of enriching the lives of these children. St Jude India ChildCare Centres provide free, safe, hygienic accommodation and holistic support to needy cancer affected children traveling with their parents from rural and semi-urban areas to big cities to seek the best cancer treatment. We bridge the gap between free medical treatment provided by the hospital, and physical and emotional support needed by families to complete cancer treatment. Childhood cancers have a high rate of cure provided the medical treatment is supplemented with a hygienic environment, nutritious food, and emotional support. The hospitals do provide zero to low-cost medical treatment through various charities and trusts but the cost of traveling to a treatment center and staying away from home for the duration of treatment is almost as much as the treatment cost. St. Jude has grown from one Centre for 8 families in Mumbai to 38 Centres with 475 family units in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Vellore, Guwahati, Chennai, and Varanasi in the past 14 years.
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Project Neysa is a student-run initiative where we focus on connecting dancers to various NGO's and in turn children. We aim to fuel dreams and passions, which shouldn't be limited to just academic growth. The performing arts play a major role in shaping one's life. We teach these kids, dance, on an online platform so that they too have an opportunity to learn. With the sole purpose of bringing cheer and hope in the lives of the children at St Jude's through a dance workshop, and embarking them on a journey of performing arts. We would be contributing to them through monetary aid, which will be utilized for providing them resources and their overall well being.
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