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We've all known someone who has suffered from Cancer, which in all its forms is fatal and is something we hope to avoid all our life. But when it comes to its cure, we're unaware of cancer treatments, apart from chemotherapy. Especially for diseases like leukemia and melanoma, for which blood stem cell transplants are vital for the patient's survival.
I speak from experience when I vouch for the effectiveness of blood stem cell transplants and the need to have more donors and funds. My sister was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016. Her diagnosis was followed by research into the best possible treatment. As leukemia requires a patient to go through chemotherapy as well as blood stem cell transplant, our entire family and extended family registered ourselves as donors through the DATRI blood stem cell donors registry and had ourselves tested.
We looked all over the country for the best possible stem cell match, but we could not find one. Ultimately, her brother, who was a haplo match became her blood stem cell donor. Today, I'm happy to say that my sister is three years cancer-free.
I'm grateful to DATRI for their help towards my sister's treatment, so as a means of paying it forward, I'm raising funds for them as a part of the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Every rupee raised will go towards finding more LifeSavers. I would be grateful to all my friends, family and strangers if you could help me in this endeavor. No amount is small as every rupee counts, it's the thought that matters.

About Me

My name is Vandita Shetty. I graduated recently from college and I've been born and brought up in Mumbai. In these tough times, I wanted to do something meaningful and impactful and given that DATRI helped our family immensely during my sister's cancer treatment, I wanted to do something for them in return and indirectly help other patients whom DATRI can support. In times where we feel overwhelmed with negativity, I want to do something that could bring a little positivity and cheer to people's lives.

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31st October 2020

Best of luck

Pratibha Shetty
17th September 2020

Keep up the good work and All the very best in this en

17th September 2020

As far as I'm concerned, this is the most productive I've seen anyone be in this lockdown ❤️

Raising Money For:
DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry
To create a registry of committed, voluntary, tissue/HLA typed donors, who are well informed and are willing to donate, to a patient, anywhere in the world, in need of life saving blood stem cells. We aspire to achieve this, in a responsible and ethical manner, by increasing awareness and fostering a deeper understanding of unrelated blood stem cell donation, and enabling informed decision making.
Supported By:
Deviprasad Shetty
Pratibha Shetty
Gayathri Shenoy

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