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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

With 10 rural schools and 8500 kids from LKG to 12th Std, Isha Vidhya is making an Impact by: 1) championing the cause of affordable quality education in India; 2) Arming Students, with curiosity and Thinking Skills 3) Leverage cost Effective Technologies, high impact learning tools & method. 4) Increasing Educational awareness in rural communities while striving to preserve village identities and culture 5) Bridging up the gap between Rural -Urban divide socioeconomically. Impact Govt. School Intervention program 1) Academic success of students, finding employment and also pursuing higher education 2) Teachers training programs, that impact the way the way of teaching, attitude of teachers and parents towards schooling. Our students have been doing remarkably well in their board exams with 100% pass results and stupendous performance by a few, a vindication of the dedicated efforts of the teachers and students. Or you may donate any amount. Here I am, requesting you to fund a child's education by supporting my run. Please give generously, yet know, No amount is small!
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` 11101 of ` 500000
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Namaskaram, This is the first time I am raising funds for Isha Vidhya. The run may or may not happen this year. Neither I am sure whether I will be running. But a child must go to school. The ongoing pandemic has severely affected the families of our children. And with CSR funds nearly nonexistent this year, we are entirely dependent on individual donors to contribute for the scholarships of the students. The sponsorship per year per child: Scholarship (Tuition Fee) - INR 18,000.00 Or you may donate any amount. So, here is my humble appeal to give the smallest amount of love and support to these kids. Pranam
My Fundraising Goal
` 11101 of ` 500000


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Isha Vidhya aims to provide high quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. The holistic, activity-based approach nurtures children's development beyond just academics, ensuring that students realize their full potential and learn in a joyful manner.
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