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The situation in the world right now is really bad. People like you and me, we are lucky to be in our homes and have access to all the essential items. But at the same time there are disabled families who do not have any support. So, to do our bit, we are doing a small initiative for the disabled families with the help of this organisation. They have been in India since the past 54 years, working in collaboration with Right To Education. Intially they used to work for the visually challeged community but due to Covid they have diverted their attention to this cause. Now, they are providing the disabled families with food, ration, and taking care of their sanitation facilities. So we are trying to do a fund raising here.
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My name is Palak Agarwal. I am working for an organisation called Sight Savers. We are a group of 100-120 boys and girls. Since Sight Savers does not reach out to people on its own, we have decided to do something for them.
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