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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

Blood stem cell donation is very close to my heart because of my brother. His courage to spread awareness while undergoing treatment encouraged me to join DATRI. We support blood stem cell donation to the full extent. We provide free of cost stem cell donor registration opportunity. We hold nationwide awareness drives with the aim to maximize registrations so that no patient suffers the stress to find a donor. Due to COVID, it has become difficult to hold blood stem cell registeration drives as it requires swabbing for sample collection. We are trying to aware people digitally of the need for blood stem cell donation but funds are greatly falling short. As we all know it is very difficult to cure a patient at the last stage of cancer & the only way to save him/her requires matching blood stem cells. We are trying to become that streak of hope. We at DATRI help the patient to go through the full blood stem cell donation process at ease by providing him/her with a matching donor. I urge people to become lifesaver of needy patients by donating money. Even a small amount matters and don't forget to get yourself registered with DATRI.
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My name is Ria Singh and I am pursuing Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I got to know about blood stem cell donation when my brother living in Mumbai was diagnosed with leukemia. It was very difficult for him to find a donor for his bone marrow transplant. I was in shock that he could not find a donor in such a big city. I started researching & then got to know the importance & lack of matching donors in India. During his treatment days, he tried to conduct as much awareness about stem cell donation as he could in his college through drives so that the delay in his transplant he suffered nobody else would.
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