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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

The education gap in India is quite sizable, with majority of the population residing in Rural areas and not getting access to proper schooling or learning. The corona virus pandemic has only caused this gap to widen, as areas without access to technology are unable to avail the resource of online learning. Tata Education and Development Trust , with their digital literacy and education campaigns aims to teach and educate the Rural population on how to use the internet and online devices to their advantage. During this crisis it will be a major folly on our part to ignore those who are unable to receive proper education and teaching. With the spread of education, social evils like untouchability and sexism will automatically be abolished over time Let us all play our part in reducing this barrier which divides our country and play a part in educating our country.The time for change and development is now because-"Padhega India Tabhi To Badhega India".
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I believe in equity, I believe everyone deserves a chance to harness their potential. Let us help out as much as we can to provide as many opportunities as we can.
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