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FOUNDED BY REV. FR ANTHONY ELENJIMITTAM IN 1957, Welfare Society or Destitute Children, locally known as St Catherine of Siena Orphanage, is a home for underprivileged and destitute children. We provide residential and rehabilitation facility for 45 girls and 30 boys as per government rules at the Bandra center. We aim to provide a happy and safe place for the children in our care and empower them through education and rehabilitation-based projects. The various projects we are running in our orphanage, help to save children from child labour, exploitation, abuse and child marriage, thereby changing the lives of many disadvantaged young people and their families. We support the children till the age of 22 years. Currently we are supporting another 110 girls for academic and professional courses through our dedicated projects i.e. Age 22 and Jo 20+.The Happy Home Project provides a creative healing space for every parent that has experienced trauma in the home or street. It aims to empower them by giving them life skill training and helping them find job opportunities. This project through we are providing home deposit, medical support, and ration.
My Fundraising Goal
` 1800 of ` 100000
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I am Kavita Gore. I am working in Welfare Society for Destitute children as residential Social worker since last three years.
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"सर आपण व आपली संस्था खूप चांगले काम करत आहे "
25th August 2020
"To provide good healthy life to children of the nation."
18th August 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 1800 of ` 100000


Raising Money For
Welfare Society For Destitute Children (St. Catherine of Sienna School and Orphanage)
Activities Provide Child Friendly Atmosphere With A View To Rehabilitate The Children And Their Families Giving Them Quality Counselling And Guidance. Education Is Supported Till Age Of 22 While Counselling Is Provided For Children Through Happy Feet Project. For Parents Happy Home Project Is Provided.
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