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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday by raising funds for a charity, I am asking for donations to ARTSCAPE. I have worked with this foundation in the past as their mission means a lot to me. During these challenging times many are facing mental and emotional instability, with this donation ARTSCAPE will run free classes for those who are in need of mental and emotional wellbeing. Artscape will in return support people by conducting online group therapy sessions for those who are in need, you can be part of the session, you can donate and ask your friends to donate. Please support in making someone's life more beautiful and experience - Expressive Art Therapy to enjoy mental peace during these challenging times.
My Fundraising Goal
` 4000 of ` 150000
About Me
Hi, I am Sankalp Seksaria, I deeply care about human being's mental stability and peace of mind, Being a professional I understand the challenges at work and stress which is accumulated in our mind due to our day to day life. I believe in Expressive Art Therapy for every individual to have mental and emotional stability in Life.
My Fundraising Goal
` 4000 of ` 150000


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Srijon - Artscape
Artscape, established in 2015, designs and conducts Expressive Arts Therapy sessions to nurture a positive state of wellbeing among individuals from all age groups, occupation, and environment. Trained facilitators create art experiences to foster personal and professional growth. We believe that a positive mind leads to a positive life.
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