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Mental illness has been a subject of taboo in India for a long time. Despite some progress in recent years, mental illnesses are still often considered as a sign of "weakness" or something to be ashamed of. The collectivist nature of our country as well as the wide fear of "log kya kahenge" lead to the stigmatization of mental illness and has deemed it a "trivial" issue. The expensive treatment for mental illness is also not easily accessible to large parts of the population. For Indians suffering from mental illnesses, particularly underprivileged people or those belonging to minority communities, these factors of stigma, fear of judgement/humiliation, and cost play a major role in preventing access to the treatment they require. However, there is still hope for change. MANAV Foundation is a renowned organisation that provides medical and psychiatric treatment to those who require it. Since their establishment in 2004, they have helped many such people suffering from mental illnesses at their Grant Road centre through their group and specialised therapy sessions and their medical consultations. This was all before COVID-19. Since lockdown began, they have had to shut down their centre and begin remote/digital operations. However, the shift to digital has not been easy for all their clients. In order to maintain the quality of therapy provided as well as for the upkeep of the organisation, funds are required. Mental health is a problem in India. Help us change that!
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My name is Aditya Narayanan and I am a student at the Bombay International School. I am also currently an intern at the MANAV Foundation.
My Fundraising Goal
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MANAV Foundation
We are a Mumbai-based NGO that provides Treatment, Support and Care to persons affected with a Mental Illness & their Caregivers. Since our inception in 2004, we have been regarded as a pioneer in this field. We have seen many a breakthrough in the area of Mental Health, and apart from facilitating these changes, we are dedicated to increasing awareness on the issue and sounding the need for better facilities. We are committed to reach out to every person in need of our services.
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