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Over 8 crore people suffer from some form of Mental Illness in India. Over 90% are untreated. The MANAV Foundation aims to provide aid and assistance to these people one step at a time through counselling , care-giver support, re- integration, vocational support and therapies.However, we need your help :) The MANAV Foundation is currently facing limitations due to their lack financial resources in the light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic and needs donation in order to continue their work. The donations you give will go towards the re-opening of centre based programmes , launch digital programmes as well as the provision of materials required for therapy. I believe that all of us can make a change together and help the mentally ill in these times of need. Please donate to make a change and take a step towards enabling the mentally ill.
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Hi! I'm Kiahraa Nath , a student at The Bombay International School and an Intern at the MANAV Foundation. I am running this campaign in order to raise funds for the charitable organisation stated above that provides treatment, care and rehabilitation programmes for individuals with suffering with mental illnesses ranging from Schizophrenia to Bipolar Disorder.
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