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People who suffer from mental illnesses face several difficulties in their day to day lives. Manav Foundation aims to provide their patients with treatment and support, and believe that people who suffer from mental illnesses deserve the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. We are raising funds in order to help Manav reopen their centre, and to help them raise awareness about their organisation through workshops, etc. We are also raising funds in order to help Manav run successful digital programmes, by providing phones, headphones and internet and data plans to clients that do not own these items. Please donate, so that together, we can make a difference and help those who suffer from mental illnesses.
My Fundraising Goal
` 42000 of ` 200000
About Me
My name is Iyanah Vazifdar and I am a student at The Bombay International School. I am running this campaign for the Manav Foundation, which is an NGO that provides treatment to people suffering from mental illnesses.
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"Glad to contribute to a good cause. "
2nd July 2020
"Keep up the great work"
30th June 2020
"Mental illness matters!"
29th June 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 42000 of ` 200000


Raising Money For
MANAV Foundation
We are a Mumbai-based NGO that provides Treatment, Support and Care to persons affected with a Mental Illness & their Caregivers. Since our inception in 2004, we have been regarded as a pioneer in this field. We have seen many a breakthrough in the area of Mental Health, and apart from facilitating these changes, we are dedicated to increasing awareness on the issue and sounding the need for better facilities. We are committed to reach out to every person in need of our services.
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