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Mental Illness is hardly discussed in society. Over a million people suffer from varying mental illnesses but go undiagnosed. This is largely due t a misconception of what mental illness comprises and a lack of awareness. Suffering through a global pandemic has only made it worse. People with trusted lives suddenly find themselves unmoored with no access to their therapists or counselors. I hope that we can raise money to buy the various technologies required to connect clients to their therapists. Raising funds for phones and headphones so they can undergo online therapy is one of the most essential issues today.
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Hi! My name is Pavi, I'm 19, and until recently, I was a student at the Bombay International School. I love stories, football, and the occasional cookie.
My Fundraising Goal
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MANAV Foundation
We are a Mumbai-based NGO that provides Treatment, Support and Care to persons affected with a Mental Illness & their Caregivers. Since our inception in 2004, we have been regarded as a pioneer in this field. We have seen many a breakthrough in the area of Mental Health, and apart from facilitating these changes, we are dedicated to increasing awareness on the issue and sounding the need for better facilities. We are committed to reach out to every person in need of our services.
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