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Make a donation Vulnerability & precariousness Research & innovation Education & culture Environment International Emergencies Covid-19 Don COVID-19: helping caregivers, researchers and the most vulnerable to the Coronavirus 6/19/2020 Don COVID-19: helping caregivers, researchers and the most vulnerable to the Coronavirus Support for healthcare staff, researchers and people vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic Faced with the Coronavirus pandemic and the global health crisis affecting poor countries, healthcare workers are mobilized throughout France. While confinement is now in place to limit the expansion of COVID-19, hospitals are experiencing difficulties and their resources are often not sufficient. The management of the pandemic peak is, however, in their hands. In this emergency situation, Our Foundation launched a call for generosity within the alliance "all united against the virus" with the Pasteur Institute and the AS-BP. Thus, it is positioned as a fundraiser to meet the needs of caregivers, placed on the front line in the face of the epidemic, but also to those of researchers, mobilized to counter the virus. This call for donations is also necessary to help vulnerable people. Our action will also continue over time to restore the capacity of actors in the field to once again be on the side of the most fragile, once the Coronavirus crisis is over. Why donate COVID-19? Making a COVID-19 donation for the Poor Countries Foundation is a gesture of solidarity, complementary to that of confinement. In this first phase of crisis, your donations will allow us to: help healthcare staff, in particular by: the purchase of medical equipment in order to increase the capacity of hospitals in all the Poor Countries; the deployment of psychological support cells for caregivers experiencing the extreme conditions resulting from this pandemic. creating and maintaining local services to help them on a daily basis. support researchers on three priority fronts: the diagnosis of Coronavirus (COVID-19), to identify and manage patients at the first signs of disease; research and development of effective treatments to improve the cure rate of Coronavirus; prevention and development of a Coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19). Besides the medical profession, the associative actors are also all united against the virus. Collecting the COVID-19 donation “all united against the virus” will therefore also make it possible to: support local associations that accompany and help fragile people such as: the elderly confined to their own homes or in institutions (telephone listening, digital solutions for maintaining care, etc.); homeless people delivered to the street (shelter solutions); people with mental disorders for whom care is vital in the event of confinement (teleconsultations, dedicated telephone line, etc.); fragile people for whom isolation is usually reduced thanks to the associations we support. Beyond the crisis, our action will focus on aid for resumption of activity and structural aid for solidarity associations which are every day at the side of the most vulnerable and, unfortunately, the number risks increasing drastically Please Help🙏🙏🙏
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Support for healthcare staff, researchers and vulnerable people against the COVID-19 pandemic "IN POOR COUNTRIES"
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