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COVID 19 has affected globally and each one of us is affected by this Pandemic. In this situation; so many people are struggling for food and medical help. The Vatsalya Foundation along with the community has been committed to support the needy families in tribal belt at Shahapur, Kasara and Murbad since 2000. However, with this crisis, the tribal population in SHAHAPUR, KASARA AND MURBAD contacted The Vatsalya Foundation and expressed their plight. More than 40,000 people were supported with basic nutritional supplements and some medical help. The initiative to provide a ration, family essentials and hygiene kit by The Vatsalya Foundation to extremely needy families. This situation has thrown lives out of gear, especially of the poor, homeless & tribal community earners who survive one day at a time. With no economic activity, their existence is threatened. Also, community workers are serving the society at a risk to themselves. The norms of prevention & social distancing effectively adhere in implementation of these initiatives. Thus, I request your support in donating towards Corona virus relief initiatives of The Vatsalya Foundation. We have to reach out to many more people who are struggling to cope with the situation and are deprived of the basic essentials specially to maintain health and hygiene care.
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I started my career journey in 1989 with The Vatsalya Foundation. I am presently holding the post of Trustee/Executive Director in The Vatsalya Foundation, Mumbai working with marginalized communities in Urban and Rural regions. The Vatsalya Foundation, established in 1982 is a right based organisation empowering child in need of care and protection to ensure a better future. The Vatsalya foundation reaches out through its multilevel approach of ‘on the street’ reach out project, child to child contact, daycare centres, shelterhome and rural development projects in Greater Mumbai as well as Shahapur, Murbad and Kasara in Thane District, Maharashtra.
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