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I created this fundraiser to support Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer to help Cancer victims receive the assistance they need completely free of cost. Funds raised will help them work with patients through cancer care programs, which primarily focus on helping cancer patients and survivors cope with their condition. With your contribution, Sanjeevani is able to ensure that the needful are cured and rehabilitated into society. I encourage you all to donate and be part of this rehabilitation process .
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Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer has gone above and beyond to support those in need, due to the pandemic these cancer patients have never required more help. Lockdown has been harsh on many people, especially the penurious who are deprived of any help. Sanjeevani doesn't just help people get rid of cancer, but it also makes sure that those who are cured are never at risk of getting cancer again. Seeing those in need suffering during this difficult time is heartbreaking, hence I decided to create this fundraiser with the sole purpose of helping sufferers overcome their problems.
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