Takhellambam Anita devi

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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

Im rising fundfor daily wager and migrant workers hunger please help us to risefund thank you
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` 0 of ` 900000
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Im social worker im helping poor people daily wager and migrant workers
My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 900000


Raising Money For
Amar Seva Sangam
Amar Seva Sangam, established in the year 1981, is a sought after premier institution in the field of rehabilitation and development of differnetly able persons in our region. We help in integrating the disabled individuals with the society for improved living conditions in the villages.
Aditya Birla Education Trust- Project Mpower
Our mission is to empower individuals and their families with mental health concerns by creating awareness and alleviating stigma; advocating prevention, fostering education, and providing world-class holistic services so that they may lead meaningful and productive lives with respect and dignity
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