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Sanjeevani - Life beyond Cancer works with underprivileged populations in Regional Cancer Hospitals of India. Along with Counseling patients, raising Cancer awareness, the organization also conducts Wellness program for its beneficiaries. The Wellness sessions cover - Healthy lifestyle, Nutrition, Mind-Body Connect, Emotional wellness and forgiveness. Normally people have to pay huge fees to attend such sessions. But at Sanjeevani all of these sessions are free, @ no cost to the patient and caregiver. Cancer Survivors have shared how much they benefited from these wellness sessions. More and more people need to benefit from the Wellness program. I am doing a fundraiser for Sanjeevani to sustain the organization and to continue to provide the wellness program - free of cost to its beneficiaries.
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Hello all. My name is Jyoti. I am a graduate in the field of Public health and have been working with Hospitals. Treatments and medications work when people take responsibility of their health in their own hands. When a Counselor tells a patient i an here for you and care for you. The adherence to treatment and healing occur. Life becomes much more easier and manageable for the patient and their caregivers than when they first started with the disease and illness. I am a Counselor with Sanjeevani currently working with Cancer patients of Tata Memorial Hospital My motto is to ease the patient's and caregivers Cancer journey by linking them to resources, listening to them and equipping them with disease management skills.
My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 120000


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Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer is an award winning registered Public Trust working for prevention and early detection of cancer and providing care, counseling and rehabilitation to persons fighting cancer. Our charter is to raise the bar of Cancer Care in India by navigating patients from Dis-‘ease’ to Wellness.
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