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CCDT started its first Crisis Intervention Centre (CIC) as part of its Residential Care Program (RCP), in the mid-90s with the objective of working towards overcoming the crisis faced by HIV / AIDS infected-affected children and their families and reintegrating them back into the communities/families they belong to. CCDT implements a comprehensive Residential Care Program that restores a wholesome childhood through health and nutritional care, psychosocial support, education, recreation, value education, life-skills, and economic empowerment. RCP supports more than 80 children and adolescents till 18 years of age staying in shelter homes of CCDT. Children (both girls and boys) below 12 years of age stay at Ashray, 12-18 years at Ankur (girls), and Aakaar (boys). Transit homes facilities namely Umang and Ashmita, cater separately to boys and girls in the age group of 18-21 years. Residential Care Program restores a wholesome childhood to children in crisis, providing opportunities for their growth and development till they are either reintegrated with their family, or extended family, or start living in group homes or on their own.
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Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) is a 30 years old organization registered under the Maharashtra Public Trust Act of 1950. Aligning its initiatives with the SDGs set down by the UN, CCDT works on rights and needs-based approaches. In last 3 decades, CCDT has worked with the most marginalized/vulnerable communities across Maharashtra, transforming 2 million lives.
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CCDT has been working with the most marginalized and vulnerable communities across Maharashtra and has gone to the last mile to reach children and families in crisis. Over the last 3 decades, CCDT has impacted the lives of more than 2 million individuals through its various programs and interventions. CCDT employs rights-based and needs-based approaches to empower the most deprived communities and consequently facilitates sustainable social change. These approaches build on our strategic partnerships, anchored over the years, with the continued involvement and contribution of our donors, strategic partners and stakeholders in our quest to achieving the goal of equality and justice for all children in the context of their families.
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