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I have decided to raise funds for Sanjeevani Life beyond cancer to help the underprivilged Cancer patient reach out to the importance resources in terms of f health care and mental well being to facilitate their recovery. I would like to request you all to come forward and lend your support to this organisation to make sure that they keep working towards the welfare of the cancer patients. All the programmes offered at Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer are free of cost to the patients, and to provide these programs it costs them Rs 5000 per patient. In an attempt to support this cause and the organisation I have decided to provide assistance to 100 patients and would require your help to achieve my goal. You all are welcome to support this cause by contributing for 1 or more patients @Rs 5000 per patient,which will further enable lifelong support to the patient. Let us all stand together and help the underprivileged cancer patients to fight against cancer and be a source of strength for them to emerge victorious ultimately in the whole process.
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I am have been associated with Sanjeevani life beyond cancer and the working with the team gives me so much happiness. To see and experience how the team works selflessly to help the patients diagnosed with cancer gives me a lot of motivation to make a contribution to the cause too.During this time because of COVID 19 and the subsequent lockdown everything seems so chaotic and disoriented, one doesn't know what to do, where to go and how things will turn out the next day. Life has become full of stress, anxiety and worry specially for the cancer patients. What we can do is keep trying to stay mentally strong which will also help in staying physically strong . At this time we need to be with our friends and to help them
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