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The NGO I am supporting is called HEED India. It's run by my family and its main focus is on health and education. You can even check us on Instagram @heedindia.ngo. Covid -19 has got us to an unplanned and unexpected situation. During these times not only every child like me needs to be mentally and physically fit, but every child and their family as well no matter their economical background. While we are trying to create engagement activities for every child at the same time there is a dire need for basic requirements like food, mask, sanitizers for all the children and their family in the community we work in and its never enough. HEED India a trademark of Samarpan Charitable Trust , in last 8 years is working on Health & Education and has provided children with exposure to sporting environment ensuring their holistic development by fostering confidence and becoming skilled and competent athletes. Sports brings an overall development by radically impacting social behaviour, self-discipline, self-efficacy in children. Sports also improves brain functions, energy levels as well as emotional well-being. A sincere efforts made by HEED India in grooming India's future to a FIT India movement, where there also could be represented internationally in Sports. Making every child play sports is one way to make India healthy but there are another way in times like today to switch gears and take a different approach in the need of the hour. Thank you for your help and support!
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Hello I am a student at The JB Petit High School for Girls. Inspired by Suga of BTS I have decided to help raise funds to support the underprivileged of our country with masks,ration and other essentials. Lets do this for our city!!! #fightagainstcovid
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