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Mission Raahat is an initiative taken by Bright Future to support the vulnerable communities during the Coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of the lockdown, the communities that Bright Future works with have been in distress, many of the youth have been laid off their jobs and are facing financial insecurity and food scarcity. It started Mission Raahat to provide essential commodities to these very families. of daily wage workers who were the most affected by the lockdown and sudden lay-offs from jobs. Talerang's research shows that over 60% of graduates are not work-ready. The next phase of Mission Raahat is to provide continued online education and training to youth. The main purpose of this is to help them secure jobs for themselves post lockdown. Bright Future is transitioning its skilling program to an online model with the sole purpose to empower the youth with the necessary skills required for employment. On behalf of Bright Future, I would like to join hands in the noble cause and support the program. If you feel the same, request you to join me to help underprivileged students make the most of this opportunity. Even the smallest donation matters. #If not you then who, if not now then when!
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Hello everyone! I am an engineer by profession and currently working with a social enterprise called Talerang. Been raised in a middle-class family, I always believed in giving back to society. #Remember not to forget. Hence, I have been associated with many NGOs since childhood. Worked with specially-abled kids and taught them to make handicrafts and sold that in college to raise funds for them, was associated with SAHABHAG, the social responsibility cell of the chief minister's office, and was involved in a project in the health sector to name a few. This time its a different cause and need your support in it. #If not you then who, if not now then when!
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