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Hello, our names are Raahat and Anhad. We are 11 and 12 years old. We are raising funds for Chirag School where we studied. Chirag school teachers loved us. We enjoyed learning, and got up eagerly to go to school because there was no pressure or scolding at all. After class 5, my (Anhad's) whole class took the entrance exam for the Navodaya Vidyalaya. 4 out of 17 = 23% students passed. But All-India only 2% passed. And our principal Sumit Bhaiya (who is kind of like Yoda) told my papa (Mr. Vader) that the reading level of Chirag students was 7 times the national average. Our fees at Chirag was 150/ month (1800/year). But now I know that the school spends 24000 on each student/year. Please support our god-sent of a school. Chirag School needs to raise Rs. 33,60,000 (approx USD 48,000) to continue its operations (to build the Quiddich field) uninterrupted through March 2021. We want to raise Rs 4,80,000 and support 20 kids for one year. Some of our friends have now moved to govt. and private schools where they have lots of pressure and even beating. The money you donate will offer many of our friends from nearby villages a nice education and happiness. Please donate as much as you can. 100% of what you pay goes to Hogwarts.... sorry Chirag school. I am really sad the school doesn't go to higher grades and I wish in future it does. Till then I shall wait at camp Jupiter. Mr. Vader also has written some blogs about our school at .
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Hello, our names are Raahat and Anhad. We are 11 and 12 years old. Chirag School is our favourite out of the 4 schools we have tried - Chirag, Matrikiran, Shikshantar and Rishi Valley School. Chirag is, in our opinion, the best. We have studied in that school for four years and have enjoyed every day of it. Our friend Tautik Das Uncle is running the Mumbai Marathon and also raising funds, and we're sure he'll run very fast and do a great timing.
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