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Team CTC PHO BMT Centre strives hard to support Thalassemia patients with Comprehensive care under one roof. Also provide services to patients diagnosed with blood disorders and hematological cancers.We do offer BMT services at PUBLIC hospital to children belonging to section of society who may not be able to afford. With the support of parterner NGO's and philanthropic generous donors we cpuld complete more than 65 bone marrow transplants till date. We work with Vision of providing Quality care in field of Thalassemia, Pediatric hematology oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant.Our mission is to provide all children with blood disorders and cancers a clean and child friendly environment with advanced medical care. MCGM, TATA Trusts and Cipla foundation had been generous to help with infrastructure requirements of the facility.Funds required for comprehensive care of patients are partially supported.Think Foundation, our NGO partner joined hands with us for financial support to aid management and care of Thalassemic patients.We shall remain indebted and be grateful for your kind donations to CTC PHO BMT Centre through Think foundation.Your donations would help us fulfill unmet needs of these patients.
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Myself Dr Nidhi Mehta working as Consultant Transfusion Medicine at MCGM - Comprehensive Thalassemia Care, PHO and BMT Centre, Borivli E, A Superspecialty Hospital (A Satellite Centre of LTM Medical College& General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai - 400 022).
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