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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

"Being our Fundraiser for Access life Assistance foundation " .... I am looking at getting support from Friends and family to create awareness towards childhood cancer and sponsor the stay for the kids coming from villages across Mumbai, undergoing cancer treatment at Mumbai hospital. In 25,000/- per month the entire cost of one family (kid + both parents) is taken care. Includes 1) all three times meals raw materials, 2) milk / supplements and drinking water cost for ensuring the nutritional support for the kid 3) monthly rent cost of the place divided among the families staying there 4) electricity cost, gas cost, repairs and maintenance cost to keep the center functional. Please note there is no charges to the families that stay there. Total of 57 families stay at any point of time at the 6 centers.
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I am a person who loves to be creator and innovator of good health and lifestyle. To pursue my passion I have been a coach trainer at Reset Bandra Reclamation. It gives me pleasure while I keep my clients who are as good as extended family to me now. I am looking forward to bring about change towards providing safe and secure HOME AWAY FROM HOME for kids undergoing cancer treatment at hospitals in Mumbai city.
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