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Gyan Saathi, Karunya Trust, right at Deonar Garbage dump, Givindi, Asia's largest, is helping 550 kids become 1st Gen Literates, from being a rag picker for the contractors on these dumps that reek with filth, germs, & toxic gases. Kids at Gyan Saathi have graduated 10th, 12th, and attending college. Students get books, guidebooks, nutritious meals, uniforms, medical check ups, academic support that their parents cant provide. Due pandemic, we have migrated to Zoom School sessions!!! 4 sessions a week. You support will inspire them !! I am at Gyan Saathi for last 7+ years teaching, coaching, nurturing. Your money will change lives. Trust your donation at Gyan Saathi, I am your goal keeper. I pray to you to donate, change lives. Please............ Pl hear this simple conversation of two students.
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I entered the shoes of my daughter at Gyan Saathi when she proceeded on an onsite assignment. I am an Indian Navy (25 yrs) retired Combat Pilot (Sea Harriers & Mig-21s), later Tata Consultancy Services (20 yrs), in role as Leadership Coach for 8 years. I teach 250 students as a Volunteer in 3 schools in Mumbai. Every Saturday & Sunday since 2013. Since June 2020, on Zoom classes, where these kids have adapted so well!!! The affection of the students is the Life Force source now.
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