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The CHIRAG school is located in the hills of Uttarakhand. It provides caring and stimulating environment for children belonging to economically and socially weaker sections. The school provides them education at the cost of Rs. 150/month while incurring a cost of Rs. 2000/month for each child. Unlike the traditional education system, the school focuses far beyond providing just curricular education. This school has personally amazed me with the kind of education they provide imparting knowledge to students with much needed recent technology and also the environment we live in. The students here have enough knowledge about flora and fauna to surprise us. This kind of education has bought natural interest and enthusiasm among students towards learning new things everyday. They also encourage students to be fearless & curious while being empathetic and respectful towards each other. CHIRAG School needs to raise Rs. 33,60,000 (approx USD 48,000) to continue its operations uninterrupted through March 2022. Your donation can change a life and be a Chirag for CHIRAG. No donation is too small. Do join us in our endeavor to make our world a brighter place for many little learners. My personal target is to raise Rs 1,00,000 for Chirag School. Here is the link to CHIRAG school's website- . It'll give you a comprehensive understanding about the culture and learning at CHIRAG school.
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I'm Lakshmi Nair, an SBI Youth For India alumna. As a part of my fellowship I got an opportunity to work with Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG) for 13 months and closely observed their work on ground. The best among all was CHIRAG school. Nothing has been more fulfilling than the time spent with the students there. Although, they're less than half my age I have learnt more from them than the other way round :)
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