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Support My Campaign Join me to sponsor 1 month stay for these kids provided by Access Life centres. Children battling cancer and without access to proper accommodation and nutrition are 5 times more likely not to survive due to secondary infections, chemotherapy intolerance and treatment abandonment. Families coming to Mumbai from different parts of the country for treatment usually do not have relatives or shelter here. Access Life offers them a hygienic shelter, coupled with a stress-free environment and nutritional support that gives our bravehearts an upper hand in their fight against cancer. Access Life shelters the lives of more than 150 individuals every year.
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Ginny Bhavnani
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*About Me* Looking forward to be the change and support these families struggling with clean and hygienic shelter for the kids while cancer treatment is going on at Mumbai hospitals
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"Lunch Meal for children on 28th December in loving memory of Joy Bhavnani"
25th December 2020
"Joy Bhavnani"
9th September 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 10000 of ` 10000


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Access Life Assistance Foundation
We are a registered NGO, which provides free accommodation, transportation, nutrition, practical support services, educational resources and recreational program to families of kids undergoing cancer treatment at hospitals in Mumbai. Our mission is to offer a home-like environment for these families and we also try to improve the quality of life of these children at our 5 centers.
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