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I want to raise funds for 40 girls in the slums of Mumbai to provide them with a menstrual hygiene kit which will last them 3 months.
The kit contains:
1. 6 packets of sanitary napkins
2. 42 newspaper bags to dispose off the sanitary napkins
3. 1 myna health card
4. 2 pairs of underwear
5. 1 bar of soap
6. Menstrual health awareness and support from the myna team.

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1 menstrual hygiene kit which lasts 3 months.

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Nobody really talks about it. Everybody knows what it is, why it happens and how it happens but nobody really speaks up about it. Talking about periods is considered to be somewhat of a “taboo” in India. The reason I want to bring about a change and try and educate people on menstrual health is because even in one of the best schools of Bombay, where I go, the students have to hide the fact that they are on their periods. They carry their pads in a small black bag and quickly walk to the washroom. This is just the surface of the problem. In rural as well as urban areas, such as Mumbai, women don’t have affordable and good quality products for menstrual hygiene. This can lead to many deadly and possibly life-threatening diseases.

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