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Approximately 200 million Persons with Disability (PwDs) live in India—yet, we don't see them around us. Additionally, less than 1 percent of PwDs are employed by companies in the country–and these numbers have barely risen in the last 10 years. At my not for profit, Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation, we are striving to make systemic changes that will help PwDs get access to jobs, quality education and most importantly, a life of greater meaning, purpose and confidence.

If you would like to know more about the cause of disability inclusion, please spend a few minutes of your time here: https://abbf.in/. If you are moved by our work, please make a contribution to the cause. The world needs more champions who are willing to support and not sympathize with disability inclusion!

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I am the Founder and Chairman of Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF)—a not for profit, based out of Pune, India, that promotes disability inclusion. Our work is based on the belief that adventure and the outdoors have the power to positively transform people. Each of our inclusive adventures have shaken up social biases, sparked off empathy, and above all, inspired inclusion.

Because of our work so far, PwDs have begun to take up adventure sports and have gained more supporters and employment than ever before. Since our inception in 2014, we have organized over 70 inclusive adventures in India with over 6,000 PwDs and over 2 lakh able-bodied people.

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13th November 2019

All the best, ABBF, and Divyanshu! You are really changing the world with your work every single day. Thank you for showing us that the world really can be more inclusive and empathetic.

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United Way of Mumbai is part of a 130-year old global movement. Our mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good. We do this by bringing people together - companies, NGOs, individuals and government agencies - to create sustainable impact.
Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation
ABBF seeks to promote inclusion for Persons with Disabilities and able-bodied individuals through the platform of adventure sports. We work in five verticals - tandem cycling, marathons, mountaineering and trekking, paragliding, and scuba diving, and since inception in 2014, have impacted about 4000 PwDs and close to 2 lakh able-bodied individuals.
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