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Severe acute malnutrition, the most serious form of hunger, is deadly if left untreated and threatens millions of lives each year. Six million Indian children under five years of age, currently suffer from severe acute malnutrition, the worst form of hunger, their bodies becoming extremely thin and skeletal. Almost one million children die due to a malnutrition related cause. And worst still, children with acute malnutrition are almost eleven times more likely to die before the age of five than their healthy counterparts.

Action Against Hunger is an Indian not-for-profit which promotes community-based approaches for the management of acute malnutrition. It is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of malnutrition in urban and rural areas in three areas of India: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Prevention is the best cure! Action Against Hunger works with mothers right from conception on good maternal health and safe delivery. This ensures children and born malnutrition free. Further, they work with new mothers on child care, feeding practices, nutrition diversity and sanitation to help them raise children to be healthy. They do this through personal counselling, community sessions, and training Government health workers. Through this long term behavior change model, Action Against Hunger equips communities to fight and prevent malnutrition on their own.

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I am a 14 year old student studying at the Cathedral and John Connon School. As a sportsman, I understand the importance of good health and nourishment. I have always wanted to contribute towards making India hunger-free and therefore since the last 2 years I have supported Action Against Hunger, to raise money for the millions of children who suffer from acute malnutrition. This year I also visited the slum areas in Mumbai, where the NGO screens and treats children for malnutrition. It was saddening for me to see those children and their parents struggling to make ends meet. Remember 'if you want to make a change you must be the change' so please help me raise funds for this noble cause.

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