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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

I initially only knew ToyBank as one of the NGO's which were an active participant in the TATA Mumbai Marathon. I would see a group of them every year. Soon then when I joined HSI, I was given the opportunity to volunteer here, and I immediately picked it. I was super excited to start work. We would go to the play centres every Friday after school and play games with the children there. They loved having us over and spending time with us. It was only here that I realised the true value of having the freedom to play. It made me so happy to see the so many smiles on all the children's faces. That was what gripped me and made me want to visit the centre more and more. the Covid-19 pandemic has limited our reach in many fields, however, I am a true believer of making the best of the worst, and so even now, we hope to reach out to as my underprivileged children and make them play.
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I am Gayatri Sanghi, studying at the HillSpring International School in Grade 12. I enjoy being outdoors and playing sport and different games. I like reaching out and helping people in the smallest way I can, just to see that smile on their faces. I like being with my family and friends, I like to spend time with them and play games with them. This was what soon lead me to choosing ToyBank. I hope to do bring a difference to the lives of the children at ToyBank!
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