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We have grown up in a society plagued with problems - Child Sexual Abuse is one of them. Since its inception in 2008, HEAL (Help Eradicate Abuse through Learning) has sought to work towards this grave problem. If we glance upon some statistics, we find that India is home to a little over 430 million children; nonetheless, Reuters ranks it as the sixth most unsafe country for children. 53% of Indian children experience sexual abuse before they turn 18 years old, and a shocking 97.1% of the total number of offenders were known to the children. Is this even fathomable? HEAL aims to solve this problem by means of education. The workshops held by HEAL serve to create awareness among the public, which in turn helps to eradicate Child Sexual Abuse. It has also trained over 6000+ children in understanding personal safety, and provided long-term trauma-centered therapy sessions to more than 73 adult and child survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. Child Sexual Abuse affects a child's mental and physical state in the most unimaginable ways. He/she gets scarred to such an extent, that returning to normalcy is either impossible, or takes an extremely long time. I firmly believe that protecting these young minds is essential as this provides them with a healthier childhood and also aids in the process of all-round societal development. After all, children are the future of our nation. Unfortunately, children as perceived as the most vulnerable class, and are easily exploited. Thus, I have decided to raise funds for HEAL, and share its vision of a glorious future, free of Child Sexual Abuse by means of education. Every penny counts towards this great cause, to create a better environment for children; one that renders each child happy and safe. The funds raised will help support the workshops organised by HEAL, and help strengthen our position in this fight against Child Sexual Abuse.
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My name is Krish Seth, and I'm a student of grade 11 at The Cathedral and John Connon School. This is my second time running the TATA Mumbai Marathon, as well as raising funds for HEAL. My desire to take part once again stems from the extremely relevant and understated cause that HEAL fights for. It is our duty to ensure a safer and brighter future for our country, and play our role in giving back to society, after having taken so much from it. No child deserves to be victimised in such a manner, and I believe we can all play our part in ensuring that children are loved and protected. Raising funds for HEAL has made me realise that if we all come together and strongly believe in a certain cause, we can truly work towards it and reap positive results.
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