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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

I am Suffering from epilepsy since 2013, now i cured myself by taking proper treatment & doing regular Yoga. I also teach Yoga to patients visiting at Epilepsy Foundation to help them overcome there problem and example showing them how i cured my self. I want people to know that Epilepsy is not a burden or hurdle in my day to day activity as well as other activties, I can do Shirshasan without any effort or pain, I request people to support me & help me raise fund to create awareness on Epilepsy & Support Epilepsy Foundation.
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I am Divyasiny Sharma, Studing in 12th Std & Teach Yoga and want to become a lawyer. I am Social Worker at Aadhar Welfare Association & Epilepsy Foundation, I can do all the Yoga done by Baba Ramdev, My Yoga Teacher is my Father who is teaching me yoga from the age of 3years
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