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New Jagdeesh Nagar B is the small and newly settled pocket of New Jagdeesh Nagar Basti. In this settlement, initially there were no paved street, no electricity and no water supply. Some years ago the women in this area including my mother came into contact with UHRC and they formed their own groups. We the children always watched and were present in many activities carried out by our mothers. We felt so happy and motivated to see the visible changes in our lives and in area. I always love to be a part of different community level activities. Four year ago, we the children formed our “Shiva Baal Samooh”. Since then I am a happy and active member of my group. Now we organize and participated in many activities i.e. sports day, book reading and message writing, rallies on various social issues, watching some motivational films together, tree plantation and sowing seeds for vegetables. Each month I have saved small amount in my group. I also learnt to make key-chains in a session facilitated by UHRC recently. I am so happy to see a bore-well, paved road and regular electric supply in my surroundings, which is result of my mother’s group’s efforts, which are supported by UHRC. Though my journey with UHRC is so far short, I wish to go further with the organization and be with them and wish to support them in their noble cause by raising funds. I wish that as I am happy with my group and its activities and could be a witness of change.
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I am Rohit Parihar studying in class XII in Rai Academy, a private school. My father doing cloth stitching work and my mother is a housewife. I want to study a lot in future and want to be a soldier or policemen and want to help my parents. I am interested in cycling and I ride very well. Because of my selection in the marathon, my family and the people of the basti are very happy and I want the same. I wish to make their dreams come true in future and make them happy. That’s why I wish to participate in Mumbai Marathon 2022. I am confident that more children will be a part of it, and there will be more positive changes in our neighborhood. I urge you to please donate and support my cause and help me share similar smiles to other children!
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