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*Join Hands to save lives* *Sponsor Nutrition Supplement Program for underprivileged female cancer patients* *CanAhaar* - Nutritional Supplement program for underprivileged female cancer patients. _Your contribution can afford female cancer patients a fighting chance of survival._ *Select an amount you wish to donate:* • 6 women with ₹ 1,500 • 12 women with ₹ 3,000 • 18 women with ₹ 4,500 • 24 women with ₹ 6,000 • 32 women with ₹ 8,000 • 40 women with ₹ 10,000 *More about _CanAhaar_* To fight Cancer, one needs a strong body and mind. A health emergency like the Pandemic made the situation worse for cancer patients. In such a crisis, the only thing that could rescue these cancer patients was their self Immunity. *CanAhaar – A Nutritional Supplement Initiative* was launched to help them meet their nutrition needs The Nutritional Supplement Box provided under the CanAhaar Program is a specially crafted one containing mixed nuts, Jaggery, puffed rice, chikki, turmeric and spices (cinnamon, clove, peppercorns) to meet their nutritional needs. Each box costs around Rs 250/- *Click on the link and press donate button:* *_HELP THEM CHOOSE HOPE OVER DESPAIR._*
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When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they dont need information of what the doctor has written, that is a later step. the first thing is psycho socio support. They want some one to listen to their story, ask them their hopes, ask how they are feeling. That is my job. Every day, i interact with the patients in two different hospitals. Listen to their stories, their suffering. It will touch your heart. It will make you forget your troubles.
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