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My name is Roshan Manawat and I live in New Jagdeesh Nagar in indore. I am a member of new star children’s group. I participated in plays like save water, save trees and made ourselves and people aware. uhrc has been working in our basti for many years and I have learned a lot from uhrc like talking well, helping others and keeping our environment clean etc. plants have been provided by organization which is looked after by our group. uhrc also organizes hand washing camps in which our group participated and shows everyone the right way to wash their hands. My school has very few facilities, activities and we are confined within them. There is no arrangement for playing. I enjoy a lot to being a member of children and youth group under UHRC’s program. I am an active member of our New Star children’s group. I am able to read interesting books through mobile library and got opportunity to be aware about different parts of Indore city. UHRC’s activities help us children and youth improve knowledge and sharpen our skills and confidence in performing and speaking before large audience. With guidance from UHRC, children-youth groups have been formed each with a girl and a boy leader. UHRC organizes many activities in our and neighboring slums. These activities enhance our confidence and self expression. By ourselves thinking about different aspects of organizing activities we acquire organizing skills, team-skills and develop leadership.
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I am 17 and study in class X in a career academy school in Indore. My father is a mason and mother is doing ready-made stitching work. I help my mother to arrange prepared garments and also go to give stuff to shop. I also went to work at thread shop for two months to help my family. My aspiration is to open a shop in future. I love to study and keep much quit. I want to make my parents proud and also help other children to study and gain confidence and skills. I hope to raise funds to create an example before other children of all basties in our area. I also hope to motivate children to attain education and learn skill from activities of UHRC’s program through my campaign. Please support me to make smile many children like me
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