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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

About Toybank: Toybank, a non-profit kick-started its journey in 2004. They set up Play Centers that are carefully curated for children to have engaging & educational play sessions. The play sessions have learning activities and educational games that are centered around the principles of Conscious Play. We partner with organisations across urban and rural Maharashtra, and set up the Play Centers at their premises. We work with low-income schools, shelter homes, community-based organisations and other NGOs across Maharashtra that engage with children from vulnerable communities. Need for Play in Vulnerable Communities: Young children from low-income communities may often not have access to important childhood necessities — wellbeing, nutrition and safe spaces to play. Despite the best efforts, caregivers may fall short in providing children quality attention to aid learning and development. Play has the ability to build resilience and life skills to counteract the probable negative environment that these children grow up in. These skills enable them to make better choices that support positive development and result in building well-rounded adults. Toybank believes that play helps in addressing inequality, breaking the cycle of deprivation, and improving future outcome.
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I have always been interested in helping the less fortunate and I believe that even the smallest contribution can make a difference. I also love to interact with people from different backgrounds and learn about how they have a completely different outlook on life. Along with this I also realized that you sympathize with others and understand that not everyone has the same opportunities.
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