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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

I support Srijon-Artscape - an initiative that provides Emotional and Mental support to Cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors from lesser resourced homes. Free sessions of Expressive Arts Therapy are designed and conducted to promote a positive state of mental wellbeing. As a Music facilitator and Artscape's Programme Manager, I get multiple chances to interact with families fighting with Cancer. In addition to the physical pain of the patient, there are undoubtedly many issues that the whole family goes through and the most prominent is STRESS. In my own personal experience, Music has been a great means to de-stress. And when these families participate in a session full of music, movement, arts, drama, specially designed for them, there is an evident positive change. I see them smiling, laughing, having so much fun that it's impossible to deny the therapeutic power of arts. When they're asked how they felt, they say
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I am a firm believer and supporter of the power of arts. I earned my master's degree in Musicology just so that I could experience music beyond entertainment. I have been practising arts from a very young age and now I have made it my aim to spread the same love & learning I have experienced so far, especially if it helps people live a life!
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