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From COVID to Cyclone, and now floods in Assam and Bihar, nature’s fury is at its peak this year, with unprecedented series of disasters. Goonj is trying its best to respond to these unparalleled calamities with all its available resources.. the need of the hour is to stand together and hold each other’s hands to pass this toughest phase in the history... And Re-imagine and Rebuild on a massive scale. Here’s a brief about floods situation- All major rivers in Assam and Bihar are in spate, flowing above the danger mark, leaving villages after villages submerged. Millions of people have been affected. People are without food, shelter, and the very basic essentials of life...In these difficult times, millions are experiencing an acute state of poverty. In this hour of urgent need, Goonj has swung into action already and channelised 6 trucks of relief material to Assam from Delhi... Resources in terms of material and money are needed urgently to respond, to allow millions of people to survive this phase. Tougher times, long journey, stay together... For more information on Goonj's work:
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India's nationwide lockdown under COVID 19 pandemic immediately had a devastating impact on the millions of migrant workers scattered across the country. Amidst pandemic induced lockdown, people in many parts of India, are facing the blow of other disasters as well, such as cyclone Amphan, cyclone Nisarga & annual monsoon floods in Assam and Bihar. The concoctions of disasters along with sinking informal economy has severely impacted the financially weaker, vulnerable and ignored communities which will take years to come back to normal.
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"You guys are doing amazing job "
Vaibhav Bhandari
15th July 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 7000 of ` 50000


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Goonj aims to reposition cloth and other underutilized material, beyond charity, adding dignity and turning it into a big resource for development. Spreading the idea beyond geographical boundaries so that world over people take it as a subject to work on. Please refer
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