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The key issue with the education sector of India is the enormous inequality in the quality of learning environments which results in massive inequality of opportunities. Scores of children leave schools for unimaginable reasons like lack of notebook, pencil, water bottle or inability of parents to pay the recurring expense of stationery which are abundantly available in urban schools. There is also a major disconnect amongst city kids in understanding rural India and its problems which results in them discarding a lot of under-utilized learning material. 

The children in these 2 years of COVID-19 have also experienced severe disruption in their education. Moreover, the economic backwardness leading from recurring natural disasters in the last 2-3 years has compounded their problems. The communities by the time they stand up on their feet, are hit by the next disaster. Post-disaster the entire focus is on the relief of the families while long-term rehabilitation issues of education along with livelihood remain ignored. The children belonging to families who are reeling under acute material poverty have immense material gaps in terms of need-based stationery, bags, etc. Similarly, the formal and informal centres of learning such as schools, Anganwadi, etc. need infrastructural support such as fencing, kitchen gardens, ground levelling, clean toilets, etc.

In a world where disparities persist, education remains the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality. Goonj's School to School initiative is not just about providing access to education; it's about building bridges between different worlds and creating a brighter future for all. In rural communities, the lack of access to quality education and essential school materials can hold children back from reaching their full potential. School to School intervenes by providing these materials and creating a supportive educational environment that involves teachers, parents, and the entire village community. Rural children learn about achievement, resilience, and the power of education. They discover that they, too, can dream big and turn those dreams into reality. Your Support Makes All the Difference: By supporting School to School, you become a part of this transformative journey. 

How You Can Help: We invite you to make a contribution today and be a driving force behind positive change. Your generosity, no matter the amount, will help us bridge the gap, instil empathy, and provide opportunities to children who deserve every chance to succeed. 

Your contribution will:
1. Provide essential school materials to underprivileged rural schools.
2. Support teachers and parents in creating nurturing educational environments.
3. Expand Goonj’s reach, connecting more urban and rural schools.
4. Foster a culture of empathy, dignity, and mutual respect among the younger generation.

Goonj.. : Goonj`s award-winning School to School initiative is addressing the educational needs of thousands of remote and resource-starved village/slum schools by channelizing under-utilised material of the city`s affluent schools not as material to distribute but as a tool to bring about comprehensive behaviour change in both the recipients as well as the contributors. School to School builds a relationship of empathy and dignity between urban and rural children, on two opposite sides of a big divide of resources and opportunities. Urban children learn to value their abundant resources as they become more aware of another India. Rural children learn about achievement as Goonj’s school material brings together all stakeholders; teachers, parents and the village community.

St. Jude's ChildCare Centres: I am inspired by the work at St. Jude India ChildCare Centres and deeply involved with St. Judes for more than a year now. St. Jude India ChildCare Centres is a “home-away-from-home” for needy families with children under treatment for cancer. St. Judes’ mission is to provide clean, safe and free-of-cost accommodation to children (and their accompanying parents) who are undergoing treatment for chronic diseases like cancer in Mumbai and other cities and facilitate their recovery. The beneficiaries are young cancer afflicted children from lower-income communities and middle-income communities coming from remote villages and towns. Poor farmers, unskilled laborers, daily wagers with meager earnings form a major part of the beneficiaries.
My Fundraising Goal
` 45000 of ` 100000

About Me
I am Shahzad Barodawala - Entrepreneur, Independent Web & Graphic Design Professional, Environmentalist & Philanthropist.

I am supporting Goonj.. (a voice, an effort) & St. Jude's Child Care Centres (a place of hope for children undergoing treatment for cancer) .

Both of the 2 participating NGOs are working for causes very close to my heart. They are doing good work and they have my wholehearted support as always.

"Doing good is a collective responsibility and we all truly want to live in a better world" – Anshu Gupta, Founder Goonj..
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"Thank you for what you are doing for a noble cause, without pause."
Kumud Priyadarshi
9th January 2024
"Keep up the good work"
Srivatsan MK
8th January 2024
"Goonj is doing good work. Keep it up."
Shahzad Barodawala
2nd January 2024
"I have visited the Centre at Tata Memorial Hospital Kharghar. They are really doing good work. "
Shahzad Barodawala
2nd January 2024
"Keep up the good work "
30th October 2023
My Fundraising Goal
` 45000 of ` 100000

Raising Money For
Goonj aims to reposition cloth and other underutilized material, beyond charity, adding dignity and turning it into a big resource for development. Spreading the idea beyond geographical boundaries so that world over people take it as a subject to work on. Please refer
St. Jude India Childcare Centres
St. Jude India ChildCare Centres bridges this gap between medical treatment provided by hospitals and the holistic support and care essential to complete harsh, long-drawn cancer treatment. The support includes hygienic accommodation, nutrition, transportation to and from the hospital, educational and recreational activities, art and music-based therapy, counselling, yoga and new skills of income generation. With this emotional and psycho-social support families do not abandon treatment and doctors have noticed a remarkable improvement in the survival rate among children staying at St. Jude Centres.   
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