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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

CHILDLINE handles 8-10 millions calls a year or 15,000 calls every single day from children who are in distress for a variety of reasons like sexual abuse, abuse for labor, child marriages, lost or missing, etc. CHILDLINE does close to 350,000 physical interventions or rescues annually. Today CHILDLINE is covering 82% of the country where they can reach the child at their place of residence but they would like to cover 100% of the country as soon as possible. During Covid19 CHILDLINE 1098 handled 40Lakh+ calls and has done 3.7 Lakh+ rescues or interventions. To expand their services in a sustainable way and increase their capacity to handle more calls and interventions they need your financial support. To make a difference, you can support CHILDLINE during this year’s Mumbai Marathon. I work at CHILDLINE Indian Foundation as Head of Resource Mobilization, raising funds for CHILDLINE. Support me in my efforts to scale up CHILDLINE.
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I'm a business-savvy professional and strategic leader. A balanced career in technology and business spanning more than 25 years. An entrepreneur and strong leader in marketing and sales possessing the business experience to transform innovations into revenue streams. International professional experience in USA, France, Oman, UAE and India. Switched to social sector few years back to help scale up the NGOs to create impact and fast enough.
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