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About 10-15% of the world's population is born with a disability. Unfortunately, many families don't have access to resources they need to survive and some families in poverty even abandon their children. This is where we come in. I am gathering donations in support of "Amar Seva Sangam" located in Ayikudy, India. This organization supports children and adults with special needs or left in difficult situations by providing them free education and support. Amar Seva Sangam had been participating in the Tata Mumbai Marathon over a decade in which they raised funds for their organization by showcasing the capabilities of differently-abled people. This year, they will be engaged in one of the events called the "Early Intervention" project and their fundraising goal is 100,000 INR or about $1,405 by December 20, 2019. The purpose is to intervene with the disabilities of children at a very young age to help them recover soon. With all your continued support, we can help this organization to reach its goal and execute the planned project successfully. By reaching the fundraising goal, Amar Seva Sangam's visibility throughout the country and corporate companies will increase. It would be greatly appreciated not just by me, but by every person in this school if you donate to help reach this target. Please provide your support for this amazing organization by donating any amount from 50 INR ($0.70). Every penny donated will count and be truly appreciated (70 INR = $1)

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My name is Amrutha Srivatsav and I am in 11th grade. My interest in supporting children with special needs started during my Middle School when I had an opportunity to lead a club for my classmates with special needs. I truly enjoyed the experience and had been supporting this cause in various ways such as volunteering and fundraising projects. In my 9th grade, I had also started tutoring younger children in my community and using my tutoring money to sponsor education for children from Amar Seva Sangam. I plan to continue tutoring children to support this cause
and to also provide my continuous support for other projects in the future from this organization to help people with special needs.

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