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Over 8 crore people suffer from some form of Mental Illness in India. Over 90% are untreated. Known as the world’s “Most depressing country”, there has always been a stigma around mental illness in India, ranging from Depression and Anxiety, to severe conditions like Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorder. Since 2004, MANAV Foundation, with its rehabilitation, counselling & therapy facilities, has committed to providing support and care to people diagnosed with mental illness. However these unprecedented times have made it impossible for clients to attend the facilities in person, resulting in online therapy/counselling sessions. But due the unavailability of resources such as mobile phones- many clients are unable to attend therapy/counselling sessions. The MANAV Foundation is currently facing limitations due to their lack of financial resources in the light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic and needs your help and support in order to continue their work. The donations you give will go towards the re-opening of centre based programmes, launch digital programmes as well as provide client welfare which includes supporting those unable to afford daily commute, food and psychiatric medications. With added fear, anxiety and uncertainty during this pandemic, I believe it's essential to provide care and support to those already diagnosed with a mental illness. Please donate for those in need and help make a change for the mentally ill.
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Hi! I'm Tanisha, a 15 year old, currently studying at the Bombay international School. I believe that when we give selflessly- the inner joy spread to others is truly satisfying. We are privileged to have everything in abundance, and hence, when given the opportunity, we must support and do our part in helping those who aren't similarly privileged. am running this campaign for the MANAV Foundation that provides counselling and rehabilitation to people suffering from mental illnesses and emotional disorders.
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