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“Due to the lockdown we have not been able to sell any of our products and with the Cyclone, our sheds have been destroyed,” says Kunda Patekar of Bharari Mahila Gandhulkhat Prakalp from Dehna.

This is the scenario across 15 of our 55 villages where Population First’s AMCHI team has initiated the vermi-products livelihood programmes for rural women since 2011. The nationwide lockdown due to the COVID pandemic has led to tremendous economic decline around the country especially in the rural areas.

But what is often forgotten is that it affects women entrepreneurs even more starkly—a lived reality for our 105 businesswomen who have not been able to sell any of their products (vermi-compost and vermi-wash) since March of this year. In addition to that the June 3rd Cyclone Nisarga only further exacerbated their situation with the cyclone ripping up and blowing away their sheds. Selling these products has become a difficult task which is especially crucial for our businesswomen’s financial independence, as for some it is their only source of personal income. The current economic losses suffered has made it extremely difficult to spend on the raw materials required for rebuilding the shed.

While Population First is helping them rebuild their enterprise we also seek your help in raising INR 1,80,000/- for 15 vermi-compost business groups and assist in their efforts to rebuild their sheds.

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Graduating from Sweden in Agroecology or more commonly equated as Sustainable Agriculture I was eager to put my knowledge of social and ecological sustainability into action; to be a part of a process that affected change; to work with a group of people who led by example and then I joined Population First back in November 2018 - an organization which for the last 17 years has tirelessly been doing exactly that - leading by example how social development can be achieved through honest on the ground work.

And in this long process I as a Junior Programme Manager, contribute to documentation, proposal building, programme management and most importantly am tasked with communicating to the world outside and give them a sneak peek of our work.

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Priyamvada Verma
8th July 2020

Great effort! Keep up the good work.

Srinivas Alamuru
1st July 2020

Wish you all the best in your efforts to support the community

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